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Benefits of a Wedding Planner

If you are newly engaged, chances are you have searched this title by now. Perhaps that's even what brings you here today (welcome friend!!) As a 15 year established, Internationally Certified Wedding Planner and Designer, believe me when I say that explaining the benefits of a highly educated wedding professional is something I could TED Talk all day. But alas, this blog won't keep that kind of attention for long; so here are the Top 3 benefits of investing in a wedding planner!

We protect your investment

Creating, managing, balancing and closing your budget is the most important wedding planning pillar. Without diligent, responsible, saavy budgets, your wedding could fall flat and in the red. A feeling nobody will want! This isn't our first dance with contracts, negotiations and budgets and we know almost all of the incidentals along the way to keep the financial surprises at bay and the path to surprising moments wide open!

We design an experience, not a colour palette

How you choose to invest in your wedding design will make or break the experience of your guests. Its the difference between hosting your near and dear friends and family at a table fit for a grad party with your top two colour choices or welcoming them into the colour family that evokes excitement, awe, respite or transports them to a pause in time where the world around them ceased to exist. In this space, we fuse generations and affect a change that was influenced by the environment around them.

We know the right pros for your ideal wedding day!

We have relationships that extend across the globe and we have access to the best professionals in the business that align best with your vision, personality and goals. This is not a quick n' easy list of our friends that we work with on every event, they are highly educated and seasoned professionals that we know will deliver the experience we are known for!


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