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Best Wedding Planner in Edmonton

Thats what you're googling, right? Let me help you out a little.

Who is best, is relative to your goals.

Is that price point? Wedding design skillset? A wedding planner with the most designations? Professionals with the most press? Determine what is important for you, and research from this starting point.

Everyone is better at something

that others and likely an expert in a way that the others will not compare. Don't assume that just because the SEO is ranking an Edmonton Wedding Planner higher than others, that this equates to the experience you are looking for, or that the most Instagram follows is social proof that the wedding planner is well respected by their peer and clients. Meeting in person with the prospective wedding planner is the ONLY way you will truly know if they are the best for you and if your energy is matching for a wildly successful wedding!

Above accolades

an award winning wedding planner is nothing without the relationships that got them there; including the one they will have with you! Choose your team wisely, you will be spending alot of time together! Would you be excited to see their name pop up on your phone or in your inbox? If not, there is a much better fit for you.

Have you checked their social proof?

Not just for the beautiful images they curated from an extremely talented wedding photographer, but the comments that follow. What you are reading is this wedding planners relationship with their peer and clients. How does this make you feel? If its warm and fuzzy, you just found Edmonton's Best Wedding Planner!

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